Thursday, 26 April 2012

Advantages of Good SEO

Pretty much a ‘back to the basics’ post here, where I speak about why good SEO practices are important.

Anyone who has anything to do with internet marketing, or is even remotely related to web-design, web-development and the like would probably be well aware of search engine optimization and the benefits of good SEO practices.

However it is still important to know why good SEO practices are important. But before we get to that, it is equally important to know that SEO and all SEO practices broadly fall into two categories: on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

It is a combination of both that makes for a solid SEO strategy, enabling website owners to truly reap the rewards of their SEO practice. Both on- and off-site practices go hand-in-hand in order to produce far-reaching and long-term advantages in terms of traffic, conversions, CTR and revenues from your online efforts are concerned.

So what really are the advantages of having a good SEO strategy?
  1. SEO helps you pull in traffic to your website. By enabling you to be able to rank as high up on Google’s SERPs as possible, SEO increases the visibility of your website and its content and helps get you more traffic. This is just one example of how SEO can pull in traffic for your website, as there are a lot of other aspects involved which help you pull traffic.
  2. SEO takes your brand to the next level by increasing its global appeal. Geographical boundaries don’t mean anything now, if you’re online, and if you have a strong online presence, your brand, your business and your website can go global easily. SEO helps you do that, allowing you to reach clientele from all corners of the world.
  3. A good SEO strategy, which is ideally a keywords-based SEO strategy helps pull in not only traffic, but ‘targeted’ traffic to your website. For instance a website or an ecommerce setup specializing in the selling of electronics or Wordpress plugins would want to be ranked for keywords such as purchase TV online (for the former) and best wordpress plugins (for the latter). This would help you reach out to your potential clientele, and vice versa.
  4. SEO helps you achieve the purpose your website was built for. Every website out there has a purpose, an action that it wants its users to take. It could be purchasing a product, subscribing to the email list or liking its Facebook page. This is called call to action or CTA. Good SEO practices ensure you have a strong CTA, that is effective and works as intended.
  5. SEO is a proven way of making money off your online efforts, such as off your website. Filling your webpage with adverts is one thing, SEO is actually what tells you how to put ads the right way, and how to make sure that you get maximum revenue from ads and/or any other of your online efforts.
  6. SEO ensures that your website remains on top of Google’s SERP in the long run as well. As compared to traditional marketing efforts, SEO can prove to be extremely cost-effective over the years, and provide a better ROI than other methods of marketing.
  7. SEO strategies not only give more exposure to your website, they can also be immensely useful for your social media efforts, and enhancing the visibility and exposure of your social media presence such as your Facebook page, Twitter page, Youtube channel, etc. For instance with SEO, you could have your Youtube videos ranked – go viral even – very easily, and get a large number of views and subscriptions. These mediums can then become a part of your SEO strategy in the long run, by general referral traffic to your website.
  8. SEO allows you to measure the success (or failure) of your online marketing efforts. Coupled with stats and analytics, you can  easily view and analyze the success or failure of any and all your marketing efforts as well as how effective your SEO strategies really are. 


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